Aerial Film Solutions

5kdigitalfilm offers aerial cinematography for documentaries, commercials and film productions performed by industry professionals with over 20 years production experience.


Chris Boyes draws on 20 years camera experience in film production, he has worked on everything from Natural History productions for "Universum" and the BBC to Commercials and Feature Films. Since 2016 he has specialised solely in Aerial Cinematography.


Peter Roesner is an experienced UAV pilot and holds licenses for Italy, Germany and Austria, as well as a PPL for single engine aircraft. He is a qualified Tonmeister and has worked on numerous documentary's and feature films as a sound engineer and Drone Pilot.


The Inspire 2 with the X7 S35mm cinema camera revolutionises high end film making with its unmatched picture quality, set up speed and versatility on set.


  • Dual operator
  • Set up 3 minutes
  • Flying time 20 minutes
  • 14 Stops of Dynamic Range
  • 6K RAW C-DNG, 5.2K ProRes 4444 or 422 recording
  • Easy matching with Arri and RED
  • Interchangeable lenses: 24mm, 37mm 54mm 77mm


  • Indoor/outdoor complex dolly or crane shots
  • Following shots from unusual angles, distances and heights
  • Dynamic dolly & crane while following moving objects
  • Placing a powerful camera anywhere in 3 dimensions
  • Quick stabilised handheld ground operation


  • adidas originals
  • arri group
  • raiffeisen bank
  • BBC
  • ORF
  • ARTE
  • channel 4
  • bayerischer rundfunk
  • red bull media house
  • phanta vision film international
  • WEGA Film
  • DOR Film
  • studio hamburg
  • golden girls filmproduktion
  • KGP kranzelbinder gabriele filmproduktion
  • planet watch film
  • petrolio
  • unafilm